HHW Facility

The Town of Gilbert Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Collection facility is located at the South Area Service Center on the NW corner of Greenfield and Queen Creek Road at 2224 E. Queen Creek Road, Gilbert, AZ 85297.

When bringing waste to the Town of Gilbert HHW:
• Bring only accepted materials (see below)
• Do not mix different materials together
• Be certain that all product containers are original and labels are legible
• Tightly seal materials in their containers and transport them to the facility in the trunk or bed of your vehicle
• Bring picture I.D. or most recent refuse bill or rent receipt

Acceptable Materials:
• Adhesives
• Automobile tires (Rimless, limit 5)
• Batteries
• Light bulbs
• Computer equipment
• Household cleaners
• Pesticides
• Pool chemicals
• Propane tanks
• Solvents/Thinners
• Motor oil
• Paints
• Stains
• Varnishes

Unacceptable Materials:
• Ammunition/fireworks
• Appliances
• Commercial (Business) waste
• Explosive material
• Home-generated medical waste
• Radioactive waste
• Prescription drugs
• Items in plastic trash bags

The HHW facility also has a “Swap Shop” where they offer many household products such as cleaners, detergents, weed killer, bug spray, and a variety of items dropped off at the facility that are still useable and often times brand new/never opened. Swap Shop items can vary and are limited to a first come/first serve basis.

For information about the HHW facility please visit http://www.gilbertaz.gov/pw/hhw-details.cfm.