Our Mission

The Town of Gilbert’s mission is to be a service organization committed to enhancing quality of life and serving with integrity, trust, and respect. The Environmental Services Outreach Section’s goal is to promote sustainable living through recycling, reducing, and reusing. With “America Recycles” events, workshops, classroom presentations, and media we have spread the word about going green and bettering our community. But we need to keep innovating.

It was evident to us when we conducted audits of our recycling and refuse cans that many items were being thrown out when they still had so much useful life left. Through this blog, we want to teach Gilbert residents how to become a green guru by taking old objects and breathing new life into them. Our DIY projects are simple, impactful, and most importantly, inexpensive!

It is important to note that all of our projects are completed with supplies from discarded trash, recycling, and occasional purchases from Goodwill or the hardware store.

We invite you to take a look around and see how you too could become more eco-friendly!


1 thought on “Our Mission

  1. Hi,

    I would like to suggest promoting a “ReCycle Art” festival, much like the Town of Santa Fe, NM does annually.

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